Emerging media: It’s new and it’s spectacular

The Awakening

Sometimes when I think of emerging media, I think of “The Awakening,” a sculpture by J. Seward Johnson, located right outside Washington, D.C.

At some point, all media is new and considered emerging. When we speak of emerging media in the year 2015, we’re most often referring to social media, and any other medium that is interactive and collaborative in nature.

Over the next nine weeks, I’m going to explore trends in emerging media, discuss the use of emerging media in integrated marketing communication, and figure out what works and what is on its way out. Hopefully we can even start some great conversations.

Emerging media today is giving a new voice to the everyman (and everywoman). While mass media is as dominated as every by a few large conglomerates, we see examples every day of “normal people” creating content that is seen by millions. Memes and viral videos can be pure entertainment, or they can champion for (or against) social change.

hillary comments

For me, it means connecting with people, places and things in a way that wasn’t possible fifteen years ago. I can share events in my life (mostly kids) with friends and family. I can keep up with friends and family that life and work make it hard to keep up with. I can have the news I’m interested in show up on my newsfeed. I can hone my communication craft in real time.

“How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, that has such people in’t!” -The Tempest, William Shakespeare


One thought on “Emerging media: It’s new and it’s spectacular

  1. Great post! You touched a lot on different aspects of emerging media. The topic is so broad and ever changing so it’s nearly impossible to describe it in simple terms. Connecting with people on different platforms and in different ways is surely one of my favorite aspects of emerging media. Additionally, the rise of technology in healthcare is widely impressive and makes for a lot of eagerness as to what’s to come in the future. Great post!

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