Tracking all of me, all of you


UA knows when, where, how fast, and how far I’m running. Creepy or awesome?

Under Armour, the sports apparel brand headquartered in Baltimore, acquired fitness tracking app MapMyFitness in late 2013. In 2015, UA bought nutrition and diet app MyFitnessPal and personal trainer app Endomondo. This means that that UA could potentially have access to a variety of health and fitness related data, like your height, weight, diet, activity levels, types of activities, and more. What can the company do with this information?

First, I read over the UA-MapMyFitness Terms and Conditions of Use, then checked out UA’s Security and Privacy Policy. I should note that I am not a lawyer, and a lot of this was more than a little confusing. UA is pretty explicit in noting that it will use your personal information for a number of things, but two of those really jumped out to me:

  • Provide the features of the particular app, including the “display of customized content and advertising”
  • “Deliver special offers, promotions, or other information”
Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 9.58.17 AM

I used it. Congrats, UA.

This gives UA the ability to deliver just the right ads and deals to the right people. Biking a lot? Here’s an ad for bicycle shorts (or whatever sort of gear bicycle people use). I’m not sure if it was related it or not, but I received a $20 credit for UA gear right about the time when I was doing a lot more long-distance running. And it worked, because I needed some new shirts, and ended up using the credit. They hooked me, because now UA is the only shirt I’ll wear.


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