3 easy ways to improve your video content marketing

A few weeks ago, I wrote about live streaming. That is but one tiny part of the major role video is playing in content marketing. According to Cisco, “video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic.” Where I work, we’ve had great success with videos, especially on Facebook. The question we’re always asking ourselves is how we can take it to the next level.

Some things we’ve come up with include:


You see these videos with headlines built in popping up more and more. Also, why is this video showing up on my newsfeed?

Shorter videos. Can we make 5 to 20-second videos that fit into our communication strategy? People are busy, and the “attraction of short-form social videos lies in their ‘snackable’ nature.”

Customize for social. When we make videos, most of us default to 16:9. Vine and Instagram, however, prefer square videos. Mobile users may even prefer, gasp, portrait videos. We have to constantly be thinking about how users consume video content and adapting to changing trends.

Quick turnaround. Videos are never simple affairs. Sometimes, however, folks want to see videos that are time-relevant. Perhaps it’s a video about an event that just happened. In these cases, it’s all right to skimp a little on quality and just get it out while things are still fresh in users’ minds.


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