Traveling, apps, and what if?


I have to travel now and again for work, and I’ve noticed over the years how new media has changed the way we get from one place to another. This year, I was away from home for about 70 days, and passed through 20 states (maybe more, I can’t remember). The use of mobile technology has made traveling much more convenient, from using navigation apps for driving, to airline and parking apps when flying.

So what? Maybe it would be better to ask “what if?”

  • What if my phone knew that I liked to get a half-caff gingerbread latte from Starbucks when I land at an airport, and asked me if I’d like to order one to have ready when the plane touched down?
  • What if, instead of scanning a code or entering this and that when I’m paying for parking, the gate sends an alert to my phone and gives me a simple “yes or no” prompt to pay?
  • What if the navigation app connected to the rental car, and suggested lunch and fuel stops based on the time, fuel level in the car, and length of the trip?
  • What if the airline offered you bonus miles for using your phone as a boarding pass instead of printing more paper?

These are just a few “what ifs,” but I think you understand the point. Apps are collecting more and more data, but companies haven’t fully accomplished what they can to make the user experience more fulfilling and seamless, and sell more product.


One thought on “Traveling, apps, and what if?

  1. What great “What Ifs”! Honestly I am surprised none of this happens already. My favorite What If of yours is the lunch and fuel stops for rental cars. I always wonder where I can grab a bite to eat once I get settled in my rental car and am on the road or where I can fill up my rental car before returning it back to the rental company. Do you think this will be a feature we have to pay for as an add on or that they will provide it with every rental?

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