Four things you didn’t know about the Facebook “like”

  1. Facebook_like_thumb green

    Disclaimer: I took the Facebook “like” button and made it green. For illustrative purposes.

    The like button was originally going to be called the “awesome” button, but Mark Zuckerberg didn’t like it. As a matter of fact, it took two years to convince Zuckerberg that a like button was a good idea.

  2. The like button earns Facebook billions of dollars. Those likes help Facebook target ads for companies trying to reach specific audiences.
  3. Facebook’s like button launched Feb. 9, 2009, but it wasn’t the first network to do so. FriendFeed, which shut down earlier this year, had a like feature as early as October 2007.
  4. The like button was almost green. According to Facebook product designer Soleio Cuervo, the team explored a number of different design options for the like, including a green thumbs up, a heart, and a star.

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